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Tulbaghia "Purple Eye" (cominsii x violacea)

Tulbaghia "Purple Eye" (cominsii x violacea)

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Tulbaghia 'Purple Eye' is a new narrow grey green leaved Tulbaghia - hardy and adaptable, with umbels packed with starry pale pink flowers with a purple centre. Flowers from spring to autumn on 40cm stems and will spread to about 30cm within a few years after establishment. Remove flowered stems at the base as they finish to keep the display going. The flowers are around half the size of Tulbaghia violacea. At the base there are semi-evergreen narrow, fleshy leaves that ommit an garlic fragrance when crushed. Excellent in small containers of a sunny, sheltered border & a good plant for coastal gardens. These plants are grown from tissue culture and sold as a small clump (see picture).

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