Collection: Mondo Grass

Mondo grass is one of several closely related genus, grasslike groundcovers from Asia, including Liriope. Neither of these popular groundcovers are really grasses. They are members of the lily family.

An advantage of using mondo grass is that most selections establish quickly and are generally drought tolerant and disease and insect resistant. Some varieties spread vigorously and are excellent for filling in large, shady areas where grasses do not grow well. Some of the dwarf cultivars spread slowly and are used for edging borders and in places where minimal maintenance is required. Variegated selections can be used as accent plants to add contrast and colour. They are sun hardy and tolerate part shade and prefer moist well drained soil. They are frost hardy.

A landscaping trick to tone down the harsh impact of steps, pavers and concrete slabs is to use mono grass as attractive fillers. Using different mondo grasses and liriopes can create a beautiful layered border effect along pathways as the plants will not grow any taller than that stated.