Plant Quality and Information

Plant Quality

We breed, grow and supply direct to you beautiful quality plants that provide value and pleasure. As the plant grower you know where the plants come from and you can purchase with confidence. You will only ever receive the best quality plants from us. If your suspect the postal package has been tampered with rresulting in damage or loss please take a photograph immediately and advise us immediately so the matter can be investigated by Australia Post.

We offer a seven day money back return guarantee from date of delivery if you are not satisfied with your delivered purchase. Please phone immediately to 07 54643976 to discuss any problems and arrange for the return of the plants. Don't forget to leave feedback on your purchase for others to consider.

PBR Protected Varieties

Unauthorised Commercial Propagation or any sale, conditioning, export, import or stocking of propagating material is an infringement under the Plant Breeders Rights Act 1994. Serious penalties apply.

Poisonous Plant Classification

Many garden plants can cause harm. Some are commercially available and very popular; others are no longer readily available but still exist in older gardens; and yet others are favourite indoor ornamentals, cut-flowers, weeds, or even fruit and vegetables that we consume frequently, often without realising that other parts of those same plants are harmful. It is impractical and unnecessary to remove from our gardens every single plant that could conceivably be harmful. A more sensible approach is to be aware of the potential danger of a particular plant, and then assess how much or how little risk it poses to the people and animals that live on or visit your property. The Department of Agriculture located in your State can assist with information about poisonous plants. A good on-line garden resource is "Harmful Garden Plants in Western Australia" Bulletin No. 4641, ISSN 1448-0352, April 2005. Never experiment by eating any plants or parts of plants that are not well known as being edible.

Also there is an excellent book recently published entitled "Poisonous2pets" and written by an Australian, Ms Nicole O'Kane. Here is the website link -

For cases of suspected poisoning, telephone the Poisons Information Centre (13 11 26), which has a national computer link indicating the toxicity of most plants, together with poisoning symptoms and appropriate treatment.