Gallery - Clivia

Pine Mountain Nursery specialises in clivia miniata. Below are some pictures of our clivia in flower.  All clivia pictures shown on this website are our plants and give an indication of the very high quality of our breeding stock.  Unlike others, batches of our crosses are grown on to flowering for sale.

  • Clivia - Peach

  • Clivia - Red Flower

  • Clivia - Cream

  • Clivia - Yellow

  • Clivia - Yellow

  • Clivia - Near White

  • Clivia Miniata Parti-Colour

  • Clivia Miniata Bronze Green Centres

  • Clivia Miniata - Yellows

  • Clivia Miniata Green Centre Yellows

  • Parti Peaches

  • Clivia Miniata Yellow MultiPetals

  • Clivia Miniata European Peaches

  • Clivia Miniata Pastels

  • Clivia Multipetals

  • Clivia Picotee

  • Clivia Miniata Green Crosses

  • Clivia Miniata Reds

  • Clivia Polypoids

  • Clivia - Interspecifics

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