Collection: Clivia miniata peach flowering crosses

Group 1 Peach colours can range from near white to light peach to deep peach. Deep peach colours remain rare and are expensive. The original peach was called Chubb's peach. it has a beautiful dark peach colouration but very poor petal form and unfortunately this linked characteristic is very difficult to breed out. Many peaches on the market today are yellow split for peach as breeders attempt to create better petal structures. Good dark coloured peaches with broad overlapping petals are extremely rare and expensive. Pollinating a good yellow flowering clivia with pollen from a dark peach flowering clivia typically produces light peach flowering clivia. It takes generations of breeding to produce a peach like the one detailed below. This one would form part of our new "good peach" breeding series which will be available in future years.

The unflowered plants in this category all have unpigmented bases and from past experience the flowering outcomes may range from yellow to light peach to dark peach depending upon the crosses.


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