Collection: Clivia Nobilis

 Clivia nobilis is an evergreen plant which forms a tight clump as new suckers are produced and the plant becomes larger.

The width of the leaves can range from 25 to 50 mm. The leaves are dark green and the margins of many of the leaves are serrated and the leaf tips are rounded and often notched. It is extremely slow growing from seed and can take 8 or more years to flower. 

Nobilis produces an inflorescence containing 40 to 60 pendulous cylindrical flowers ranging in colour from very pale to dark orange or orange-red with pale to dark green tips.  Clivia nobilis should not be confused with Oz Nobilis which is an interspecific cross between nobilis and miniata.  Unfortunately some are misdescribing interspecific nobilis crosses as being the real nobilis.