Collection: Tulbaghia

Tulbaghias are part of the Amaryllidaceae family with South Africa as its origin. These little known evergreen and deciduous plants were originally named after Ryk Tulbagh, a Dutch Governor on the Cape of Good Hope who died in 1771.

All varieties form neat clumps of grass like leaves from which the flowers appear on long stems. Most Tulbaghia’s have small very attractive orchid type flowers in clusters, other look like clusters of tiny daffodils. They have an extended flowering period from Spring to Summer.

It is also known as society garlic as the foliage smells like garlic for some cultivars if the foliage is bruised. There are several different species of Tulbaghia and several cultivars exist for some species. They are proven low maintenance landscaping plants. Plant in full sun to part shade in light to fertile, well drained soil with adequate moisture. Once established they can tolerate periods of dry weather. They are also moderately salt tolerant.