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Philodendron Pink Princess - 140mm pot (pick up only)

Philodendron Pink Princess - 140mm pot (pick up only)

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Philodendron Pink Princess is a climbing aroid with dark leaves and light pink variegated blotches and sections. Sometimes the leaves emerging can be totally pink. Its leaves can grow to 235mm long and 125mm wide. Colours range from black to deep burgundy foliage splashed and flecked with white and pink. The young leaves emerge as a dark olive-green with white variegation, maturing to a deep black/green with bright pink spots or with highly visible variegation.

Philodendron Pink Princess is easily grown indoors and can be trained to a support or allowed to trail. Philodendron Pink Princes prefers to be positioned in indirect sunlight and grown in well-drained soil and with some humidity. Allow the surface of the potting media to dry out between watering. Liquid fertilise monthly in spring and summer and six to eight weeks in autumn and winter.

These plants are only available via pick up at the nursery.

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