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Orris Root (Pick up only)

Orris Root (Pick up only)

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Orris Root, Iris germanica var. florentina, grows to a height of approximately 50 cm and may spread up to 40 cm wide. The flowers appear in spring or summer and have the typical iris, flag like appearance. The root of this plant has a distinct violet fragrance, which develops as the root dries out (up to 5 years). It is often used as a powdered preparation in potpourris and has extensive commercial applications in perfumery.

This large flowering white "iris" flowers and foliage make a good border plant. Plant in part shade to full sun. Do not use too much organic material in the soil as this iris does not like too much nitrogen and prefers an alkaline soil. Avoid clays and wet ground. These plants are in 140mm pots. Order and pick up only - no mail order deliveries.

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