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Olive - Arbequina 250mm (Pick up only)

Olive - Arbequina 250mm (Pick up only)

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Arbequina is a Spanish variety from Catalonia. It is one of the more reliable olive trees for fruiting in warmer subtropical climates. It grows well from Cairns to Tasmania. It is self pollinating but higher yields can be obtained by cross pollinating with Manzanillo. Picture is for illustrative purposes only.

Small fruit (1-2g). Bears young. High yields. Ripens early/mid season. High oil content. Considered cold resistant. Performs well in warm and cold climates. Ornamental tree suitable for pots, hedges, etc. Suitable for intensive cultivation. Self-fertile.

It is a small but vigorous tree with good tolerance to frost and poorer soils. Its compact shape make it ideal for backyards as a feature. They are currently grown in 250mm pots. Pick up only.

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