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Agapanthus Snowball - young plant

Agapanthus Snowball - young plant

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These plants offered for sale are currently being grown in 100mm pots and are about 12 months old. These plants have been tissue cultured from selected plant stock. See attached pictures. They are clumped meaning that they have a number of offset plants attached and represent great value.


Agapanthus Snowball is a compact dwarf white agapanthus. It has strong wide short foliage. An added advantage of Snowball is that it sets no viable seed.


Unlike some other dwarf agapanthus, snowball is very hardy and flowers over a long period with a profusion of pure white flowers in Summer. Flower spikes to 30 cm tall.


Ideal for borders around tubs, containers and trees or to edge pathways or driveways.

Growing Guide:

Prefers a full sun to semi-shaded location. An easy to grow hardy plant that thrives in most conditions and requires minimum maintenance.

Companion planting:

A great companion agapanthus planted in front of Agapanthus Lilibet for impact.


Few problems encountered but poor drainage may rot the root system.

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