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Finger limes are considered a gourmet bushfood, sought after by top restaurants around the world. They are a fringe rainforest and understorey species indigenous to the rainforests of south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales. Finger limes are a hardy shrub to small tree and in cultivation plants usually grow around 2 to 5 metres and can be pruned to a manageable height to make them easy to harvest. Leaves are significantly smaller than regular citrus, and they have thorns and slender finger-like fruit from 6 to 12 centimetres long that come in a range of colours including black, green, gold, red, pink, and yellow. Flowers appear from Spring. Finger limes prefer dappled light but can be grown in full sun. It is best to plant them in a protected position to protect the fruit from the plant's thorns and from frosts. Suits tropical to temperate climates. They will tolerate light frosts. In cooler climates, plant in a north facing position.

They grow in a range of soil types in northern NSW and Queensland. They prefer well drained soil with a pH range of 6 to 7. Grafted finger limes can tolerate heavier soils. During the hot summer months ensure the soil is kept moist. Height in the ground can vary depending on the cultivar, from 2 to 7 metres tall. In a container, they may grow to less than 2 meters tall and pruned to shape.

Use slow release fertilisers and soil enhancers like seasol to keep them looking great.

Due to quarantine restrictions we can only sell finger limes within Queensland.

We grow 2 types of finger limes - 

  • Cutting grown finger limes which can be slower to grow than grafted finger limes. These finger limes are in 140mm and 200mm pots and will bear fruit over the season which extends from January to May depending on the cultivar.
  • Grafted grown finger limes which are grafted on commercial Troyer Citrange rootstock. The Troyer Citrange rootstock confers vigour and produces faster growing trees than those produced by cuttings. Commercial orchards typically plant grafted trees for this reason. These grafted finger limes are in 200mm pots and will bear fruit over the season which extends from January to May depending on the cultivar.

We neither grow or sell seed germinated finger limes.  Seedling grown finger limes may not bear fruit until they attain an age of at least two years and the fruit in colour and taste may be variable.  

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