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Hymenosporum flavum - 200mm pot (Pick up only)

Hymenosporum flavum - 200mm pot (Pick up only)

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Hymenosporum flavum is also known as the Native frangipani. It is widely cultivated in Australia and usually grows to around 8 metres in height although it can grow to over 20 metres tall in the rainforest. It can be grown in shaded positions, but flowers best in full sun. The tree is commonly planted in suburban streets, in shopping boulevards and in walkways between tall buildings. The very fragrant flowers are quite large, about 40 mm in diameter with a floral tube up to 28 mm long. It prefers a well-drained soil with a high organic content and a frost free area but if kept in a sheltered position until it gets to 1 to 1.5m high, it will thrive in cooler areas. Price s per 200mm pot. Order and pick up only.

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