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Finger Lime - "Byron Sunrise" in 140mm pot (pick up only)

Finger Lime - "Byron Sunrise" in 140mm pot (pick up only)

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Byron sunrise is a slender compact tree growing 2 metres in height and 1 metre across. Ideal for small gardens, pots and containers. This dark-skinned finger lime holds tangy light pink coloured citrus pearls that darken to a deep red and strengthen in flavour when the fruit is cut. Plant in a sunny warm position, protected from harsh winds and keep the water and fertiliser up over the warmer months. Fruiting season from March to end April. These plants are cutting grown and will fruit this year. Seed grown will not be true to type. Grown in a 140mm pot. Fruit size is 60 to 90mm long. If grown in pots they may grow to 1.6m in height. Pick up only.

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