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Eucharis X grandiflora (Amazon Lily) Flowering Size - 200mm pot (Pick up only)

Eucharis X grandiflora (Amazon Lily) Flowering Size - 200mm pot (Pick up only)

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Eucharis X grandiflora is an easy to grow lily, a hybrid between Eucharis moorei and Eucharis sanderi. Eucharis are native to moist tropical forests of Central and South America. Grandifloria has rich dark green foliage with clusters of highly scented, star-shaped white flowers throughout the year though more often it will flower in Spring. It grows to about 45 cm tall. In its natural habitat, it grows on the floor of rainforests, so is adapted to warm, humid conditions and tolerant of some shade. The best position for it seems to be semi-shade. It has broad green leaves. It makes an excellent pot plant. In cooler areas the bulbs may go dormant and it may be best to lift the bulbs and store dry over Winter. Keep well watered while actively growing, especially during Summer. Water less in cooler weather. For best results fertilise and mulch with organic material in Spring and Summer. Flowering sized bulbs are becoming more difficult to come by due to demand for this plant. The price is per flowering sized bulbs in a 200mm pot. Order and pick up only.

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