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Finger Lime - "Green Sapphire" in 140mm pot (pick up only)

Finger Lime - "Green Sapphire" in 140mm pot (pick up only)

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Finger Lime “Green Sapphire" is a popular variety tolerant of more challenging conditions. A great addition to your garden with its attractive soft weeping habit with light green foliage. It has large plump green skinned fruit with abundant green to clear pearls of juice inside Prefers a warm protected position in full sun. Taste has an effervescent tangy lime flavour. These plants are cutting grown and not seed grown and are true to type. Seed grown will not be true to type. Grown in a 140mm pot. Fruit size is 60 to 90mm long. If grown in pots they may grow to 1.6m in height. Pick up only.

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