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Agapanthus Silver Baby - Flowering size clump

Agapanthus Silver Baby - Flowering size clump

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These plants have been tissue cultured from our own selected plant stock. See attached pictures.


Agapanthus Silver Baby is an evergreen small clumping agapanthus with narrow leaves to 20cm in height.


Dainty flowers with a white throat and palest blue outer petals on long stems 30cm high. On mass the flowers look steely silver.


Ideal for borders around tubs, containers and trees or to edge pathways or driveways.

Growing Guide:

Prefers a full sun to semi-shaded location. An easy to grow hardy plant that thrives in most conditions and requires minimum maintenance.


Few problems encountered but poor drainage may rot the root system.

The price is per bare root clump which is currently grown in a 140mm pot. For bulk prices on flowering size plants contact us via the contact page.

To learn how to grow and get the best out of your agapanthus visit

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