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Agapanthus Queen Mum - Special 10 plant buy of young plants

Agapanthus Queen Mum - Special 10 plant buy of young plants

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A beautiful evergreen bicolour agapanthus bred by Pine Mountain Nursery. These plants offered for sale are about 18 months old. This pack contains 10 tissue cultured plants of agapanthus orientalis PMN06 Queen Mum. ] As there is a shortage of Queen Mum Australia wide, please do not order more than 1 pack of 10 plants.


Agapanthus orientalis PMN06 Queen Mum is a hardy full sized agapanthus bred by Pine Mountain Nursery. Leaves up to 44cm long and 4cm wide with acute leaf tips. It has a lower seed set than most other agapanthus. As an evergreen, it retains its foiliage over Winter.


Bicolour violet blue and white flowers on long stems to 1.2m high. It is a late flowering agapanthus, flowering over the festive season (December into late January). Best planted in full sun to bring out the flower colour intensity.


Perfect as a feature plant in a pot and spectacular if planted as a border to a driveway or fence. Also makes an excellent cut flower.

Growing Guide:

Prefers a full sun to semi-shaded location. An easy to grow hardy plant that thrives in most conditions and requires minimum maintenance.

Companion planting:

A great companion agapanthus planted in front of Agapanthus Purple Cloud for impact.


Few problems encountered but poor drainage may rot the root system.

Unauthorised commercial propagation or any sale, conditioning, export, import or stocking of propagating material of this variety is an infringement under the Plant Breeder’s Rights Act 1994.

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