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Agapanthus Black Magic - near flowering size

Agapanthus Black Magic - near flowering size

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The plant offered for sale is a near flowering size plant of at least 18 months old. The plant is a good size. We grow them in 140mm pots.  Contact us before ordering if you wish to buy more than 6 plants as stocks are limited.


Agapanthus Black Magic has dark violet blue flowers as shown in the picture. These plants ave been micro-propagated from the plant shown rather than from imported material of unknown parentage. An impressive cultivar both in and out of flower as a plant.


Dark violet blue flowers on long stems 1.2 to 1.5 m in height.


Ideal for borders around gardens or driveways or as a specimen plant in a pot.

Growing Guide:

Prefers a full sun to semi-shaded location. An easy to grow hardy plant that thrives in most conditions and requires minimum maintenance.

Companion planting:

A great companion agapanthus planted behind Queen Mum or inter-planted for impact.


Few problems encountered but excessive heat and poor drainage may rot plants and root systems.


To learn how to grow and get the best out of your agapanthus visit

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