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Sprekelia formosissima (Jacobean Lily) - 10 Immature Sized Bulb

Sprekelia formosissima (Jacobean Lily) - 10 Immature Sized Bulb

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Sprekelia is a genus of at least three bulbous plants in the family Amaryllidaceae, subfamily Amaryllidoideae. They are native to Central America. This bulbous plant is known also as Saint James lily, Aztec lily, orchid lily, Mexican scarlet lily and Jacobean lily. The flower is about 130 mm across and brilliant scarlet or crimson. The flowers are like an orchid and stands on a stem about 300 mm above ground. Sprekelia aren’t too fussy about most soil types but prefer humus rich and slightly acid soils free draining. Sprekelia are drought tolerant bulbs. Plant in full sun. These immature bulbs represent great value and will be no less than 3cm across in size. Make a real impact by mass planting them.

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